Total Drama Presents: Ridonculous Race

June 2017

Season 1, Episode 18 (Got Venom)

3.0 3 x
Kimono robes are beautiful but Komodo dragons will kill you.
May 2017

Season 1, Episode 17 (Lord Of The Ring Toss)

3.0 2 x
Things heat up in sub-zero temperatures as the teams play a simple game of Ring Toss A Narwhal in the Arctic Circle.

Season 1, Episode 16 (Little Bull On The Prairie)

3.0 9 x
The nine remaining teams make their way to Alberta, Canada.

Season 1, Episode 15 (Maori Or Less)

3.0 1 x
The teams learn and perform a traditional Maori dance and someone makes a truly permanent mistake.

Season 1, Episode 2 (None Down, Eighteen To Go - Part 2)

3.0 9 x
Our teams discover that while variety is the spice of life, spices can cause a variety of deaths.
July 2016

Season 1, Episode 14 (Down N' Outback)

3.0 4 x
The teams discover rabbits are very hard to catch.

Season 1, Episode 13 (Shawshank Ridonc-tion)

3.0 8 x
How long does it take eleven teams to breakout of a maximum-security prison in Australia? Let's find out!

Season 1, Episode 4 (Mediterranean Homesick Blues)

3.0 8 x
It's sharks that eat man, castles made from sand, and evil sabotage so carefully planned.

Season 1, Episode 3 (French Is An Eiffel Language)

3.0 65 x
The teams explore the terrifying catacombs under the streets of Paris.
April 2016

Season 1, Episode 26 (A Million Ways To Lose A Million Dollars)

3.0 71 x
A New York City grand finale where teams give it all they've got to win the million dollars.