Tough Love With Hilary Farr

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Tough Love With Hilary Farr

A couple tasks Hilary Farr with opening up their drastically dated kitchen and finding space to make a bedroom suite for a retired mother.

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Season 1
A couple's small home lacks room for entertaining, and without a home office, he is forced to work in his downtown bachelor pad.
A couple who recently moved back from Germany can't let their overseas memories go, and now their home and furnishings are completely mismatched.
A military family longs to host visiting relatives for holiday dinners and special occasions, but their century-old house only has so much space to go around.
A homeowner's attempt to build an addition for her ageing mother backfires when the contractor is a no-show; it's up to Hilary to remedy both the home and tense family dynamic.
A woman isn't ready to move into her partner's home until his ex-wife's designs are gone, but a tricky floor plan is keeping them apart for longer than they'd like.
Hilary Farr is challenged with renovating and modernizing a 200-year-old barn, but her client is less than willing to let go of the past.