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While looking for answers, Bash finds challenges on new terrain.

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Season 3
Bash’s journey for citizenship culminates with a surprising outcome.
Bash tries therapeutic psychedelics after a chaotic night at the hospital.
Bash's life is scrutinized during his citizenship interview; Theo helps a young boy who survived a building fire; Mags helps a recovering addict who swallowed her keys.
Bash reels from Amira's bold decision; tensions flare at an after-work dinner party; Devi struggles to keep her staff in line as turmoil erupts over her leadership.
Bash and Amira have an argument over her future; Bash treats a diabetic woman who is overly dependent on her son; Mags questions herself as she adjusts to very limited parameters.
Recovering from a personal crisis, Mags worries about how to get her life back on track; Theo treats a terminally ill child whose father is desperate for a drug trial.
Bash finds himself at odds with his direct supervisor while they treat a couple of skydivers with a unique relationship; Mags speaks out against her supervising doctor.
Bash treats a woman whose ketamine therapy goes awry; Mags loses confidence in her new boss; Theo reunites with a former patient whose life may depend on the death of another patient.
Bash treats a man with a rare medical condition; Mags gets a visit from her parents, and goes above and beyond for a pregnant woman with an undiagnosed condition.
Bash's decisions lead to conflict with the new chief of emergency medicine; June has trouble with her new roommate, and gets a work proposal from Novak.
Season 2
As Bash fights for Dr. Bishop's legacy, big questions about his own future are finally answered.
Bash saves a hostile man during his commute and gets some shocking news about his future.
As shakeups force major turmoil at the hospital, Bash and Amira take a trip.
Bash draws on his war zone experience when extreme weather causes the hospital to lose power.
Bash's focus is split between the needs of patients in two countries. Dr. Bishop's emergency department goals are met with mixed support.
With his future as a doctor on the line, Bash must suppress his instincts and avoid any chance of risk.
Pressured by a patient's father, Bash must make an impossible choice to save a life.
Bash faces an ethical dilemma, caught between a gang member with a gunshot wound and the police officer looking for him.
Bash helps his undocumented friend Khaled apply for asylum.