Tribal Wives

December 2013

Series 2 Episode 6 Ethiopia (Final)

2.5 217 x
Anna De Vere from London is going to live as a 'Tribal Wife' with the Hamar in southern Ethiopia.

Series 2 Thailand

3.0 64 x
Jackie Davis from Bristol is going to live as a 'Tribal Wife' with the Karen, Thailand's largest hill tribe. Jackie is divorced with two young children and grappling with life as a single parent.
November 2013

Series 2 Episode 4 Papua New Guinea

3.0 214 x
Becky, a PA from London's East End is going to live as a 'Tribal Wife' on the idyllic island of Kitava, off the east coast of Papua New Guinea. Can the experience reveal the reasons she is unlucky in love?
October 2013

Series 2 Episode 3 Mexico

3.0 80 x
Michelle Frost from London is travelling to northern Mexico to live as a 'Tribal Wife' with the Rarmuri, an ancient tribe who live perched on the edge of the spectacular Copper Canyon.

Series 2 Episode 2 Gabon

3.0 118 x
Linda Plover from Liverpool is going to live as a 'Tribal Wife' with the Babongo in southern Gabon. Linda is haunted by memories of a poverty-stricken childhood and feels a great sense of bitterness towards her mother.
September 2013

Series 2 Episode 1 Turkey

3.0 125 x
Charlie Brades, a 23 year old from Hampshire is going to live as a 'Tribal Wife' with the Yrk, a tribe of nomads who live in the remote mountains of southern Turkey.

Episode 6 Mentawai/ Indonesia (final)

4.0 377 x
Andy, a 38-year-old doctor, dentist and anaesthetist, lives with the Mentawai tribe of Indonesia for a month experiencing their culture and revaluating her own deeply driven existence.

Episode 5 Maasai/ Tanzania

3.0 286 x
Dionne, a 33-year-old teacher goes to live with the Maasai, one of the world's most famous tribes and also one of the largest tribes in Africa.