Turn Up The Volume

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Turn Up The Volume

Festival day has finally arrived, but everything that can go wrong, does go wrong...will they make it to Footsgroovia in time to play? And with the last day of band camp looming - could this be the end of The Volume?

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Season 1
In the lead up to their big gig, things are super awkward between Jam and Vivi, Breeze is resentful at always getting overlooked, and Ginger and Hex's friendship is splintering...all made worse when Jack the dog goes missing.
In a final attempt to land a slot at Footsgroovia, The Volume devise a plan to boost their profile by busking in Footscray. But when things keep going wrong, it seems that someone is sabotaging them... is it one of the band?
The Volume are devastated when they miss out on a slot at Footsgroovia Festival, meanwhile Vivi tries to figure out who she is, by leaning into her Asian identity...if only she wasn't so bad at playing the erhu.
With the band dynamic in shambles, it's bad timing to be performing for the Footsgroovia Festival selection panel! Meanwhile Ginger reluctantly leans on her bandmates for support at a memorial gig for her dad.
Pressure is on for the band's debut gig at Leo's party. Vivi's in turbo mode, Breeze is amped for her first high school party, and Jam is all clammed up at the thought of singing in front of a crowd. Will they rock or flop?
Vivi campaigns to get the band their first gig, insisting they up the practices if they're serious about Footsgroovia. Tough for Hex, travelling in from Ballarat each day, who hasn't even told Nan and Pop, well, any of it.
The Volume need to write a song but aren't gelling so Hex proposes they all write separately. Breeze blames lack of life-experience for her writing woes so she breaks free in search of inspiration!
Vivi is shaken when she becomes the target of an online bullying page. Meanwhile, the band just aren't listening to each other! Enter Hex, whose discerning ear may be the key...oh and band names are hard.
Breeze's never drummed, Jam and Vivi won't stop arguing, Ginger hides in her music, too nervous to engage - until her headphones go missing! In crisis-mode, they band together. A rocky start for these rockstars in the making.