Ultimate Magic Skills

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Season 1
Magic is cool, maths...maybe not so much. But what if numbers could amaze and confuse your friends? Joel M and Liam have got some mathemagic skills that REALLY add up.
You'll need a keen eye to spot how these tricks are done and with some help from Joel M and Sean you too come become a master of up-close magic.
Want to wow your family over the dinner table?! Then you need Joel M and Casey Kathline, who are going to teach you some amazing magic tricks you can do the next time you're at a restaurant.
What could be cooler than reading your friends minds?! Time to learn the art of mentalism as Joel M and Sean teach you how to trick your audience and blow their minds.
Only the greatest magicians ever become true 'Card Ninjas' and under the guidance of your new sensei, Joel M, you too can master the art of card tricks.
The human body is an amazing thing...but with some mind boggling tricks from Joel M and Sean Does Magic, it's about to become even more incredible.
Want to amaze your school friends? Well, magicians Joel M and Royal Pain have some incredible magic tricks that you can do with the only contents of your pencil case.
It might be the last episode in the series, but now's not the time to let your attention slip as Joel M and Liam teach you some incredible sleight of hand magic to have your friends rubbing their eyes.