February 2017

Season 1 Episode 1

Expired 4.0 39 x
Bucharest. Just an ordinary summer day. For Relu, who works as a taxi driver, it’s a day like any other. But Relu is not just a normal taxi driver. He is also a debt collector working for Căpitanu, the local mafia boss. At the beginning he tries to recover the money in a civilized manner, but in the end he has to get phys...

Season 1 Episode 2

Expired 3.0 55 x
After a discussion in the park, Nico asks Relu to recover a group of prostitutes who are under Căpitanu's protection. The girls were attacked and seized. Relu is forced to take Teddy and even if it’s obvious that he doesn’t like the boss’ son, he has no choice. Eventually, the boy is proving to be extremely helpful. Gina s...

Season 1 Episode 3

Expired 3.0 19 x
When Teddy tags along with Relu to take care of ”business” again, Căpitanu is pleased with the results: Teddy has shown that he can handle it. A very important meeting takes place between Mr. Toma and Căpitanu '; they are plotting a major operation. Relu must recover some money from a doctor and they visit him at the offic...

Season 1 Episode 4

Expired 3.0 9 x
Gina finds out what her husband really does for a living. Suspicious Gina follows Relu just to discover he is meeting a woman at a gym, but fails to unravel her identity. Tănase barely convinces Relu to participate in an illegal act, but as of precaution, he backs out just a few moments before. On the way to the wedding he...

Season 1 Episode 5

Expired 4.0 39 x
After finding out about Relu’s real job, Gina doesn’t want him in their house. For the Oncescu family things start falling apart. Relu can’t go home anymore and spends his nights in pubs. Magda is waiting messages from Teddy in vain, Chuckie takes refuge in practicing karate moves, Mr. Puiu refuses to leave his room and Gi...