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When an informant claims to have information on a codebreaking device that would compromise the identities of every agent in the CIA, Shaw sends Steven and Samantha to Berlin to verify.

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Season 1
When a private security detail in Pakistan murders the scientists they're paid to protect and kidnaps the lead scientist, CIA handler Shaw sends married spies Steven and Samantha to the rescue.
Steven and his wife Samantha, were two of the best spies until they fell inlove and retired. Fellow spy and friend Leo goes missing on the job and the couple is reinstated to by the CIA to rescue him.
Steven and Samantha travel to Dubai in search of stolen uranium. With the mission nearly complete, the plan hits a major snag and the duo soon find themselves fighting for their lives with no help.
After a chance meeting a former criminal accomplice, Steven's moral boundaries are tested when he joins forces and resumes his former bad guy cover in an attempt to foil a plot to release a virus.
Things are never as they seem. Just when Steven and Samantha have settled into their romantic Greek vacation, Shaw pulls them away to lend their assistance to an escalating situation in Tel Aviv.
When American currency plates are stolen from an armored truck, Steven and Samantha must recover them before the terrorist who stole them starts counterfeiting American money.
When Leo wakes up in a hotel in Mexico with a dead woman next to him and no memory of what transpired, Steven, Samantha and Hoyt travel south of the border in hopes of putting the pieces together.
When a plane disappears off the radar and its pilot is nowhere to be found, it's up to Steven and Samantha to locate the man and the dangerous bomb he has with him.
Steven, Samantha and Leo get orders from Shaw to take on a mission in Lima, Peru where an assassination plot has been orchestrated against president elect Alberto Loya.
Steven and Samantha experience a blast from the past! After renowned weapons dealer, Xerxes, hides the formula to a lethal biological weapon in a painting.
Their mission is easy - Steven and Samantha are to find Shin Won, a North Korean physicist responsible for inventing a device that can change an object's state of matter, and facilitate his defection.
When a vital CIA hard drive goes missing, Steven and Samantha must travel to Dublin, Ireland in search of a prisoner who holds the key to its location.