Undressed (UK)

February 2020

Undressed (Uk) Season 1 Episode 20

Expired 4.2 602 x
Zoe and Paul are looking for love after long term relationships. Will there be room in their lives with Paul's young daughter and Zoe's treasured race horse? Dog fans Jordan and Sasha are trying to find more than puppy love. But will Sasha's extraterrestrial admission make Jordan think she's barking mad?

Undressed (Uk) Season 1 Episode 19

Expired 2.0 96 x
Student Rozita’s greatest accomplishment is going back to university, while security guard Lee’s is passing out the army. Will this meeting of brains and brawn lead to romance? Fun loving Anna and Doug are looking for a relationship amongst parties, karaoke and fancy dress. But will they have more success in a stripped-bac...

Undressed (Uk) Season 1 Episode 18

Expired 4.2 87 x
Student Sabina likes confident men, but will meeting Lithuanian lothario, model Mindaugas, push this assertion to the limit? Musical Ruth is matched with technical Chris. Will opposites attract or will the violins be playing at the end of their Undressed experience?

Undressed (Uk) Season 1 Episode 17

Expired 4.5 96 x
Nicole and Chiles are both successful in their careers – will they be as successful finding love during their Undressed experience? Callum and Sarah are both cheeky and flirty. In this case will birds of feather stick together?
January 2020

Undressed (Uk) Season 1 Episode 16

Expired 4.6 114 x
Divorcee Kirsty is looking for a family minded man to settle down with. Will she find it with Ashley during the Undressed experiment? Charming Luton boy Nathan has been matched with Essex girl Caoibhe. Will their relationship flourish during Undressed or will her relationship confession stop it in its tracks?

Undressed (Uk) Season 1 Episode 15

Expired 4.0 51 x
Young and fun duo Charlotte and Sam share a love of parties and dressing up. But will Charlotte’s taco-costume be enough to appeal to Sam’s tastes? Single mother and horoscope fan Helen is matched with actor Adam in the Undressed experiment. Will their stars align?

Undressed (Uk) Season 1 Episode 14

Expired 4.7 142 x
Welsh boy Nick is matched with Cypriot Koula for their mutual love of family and fitness. Will this be enough to encourage them to see each other again or will Nick’s dating escapades have Koula running for the door? Intellectual couple Rachel and Matt are a logical match. But will logic translate into chemistry during the...

Undressed (Uk) Season 1 Episode 13

Expired 3.5 134 x
Straight-talking Adam is looking for his Barbie. Will he find what he is looking for in blonde bombshell Rhiannon or will his bad jokes put her off? Single parents Steph and James enter their date to try and find chemistry. But sometimes the Undressed experiment doesn’t quite go to plan.

Undressed (Uk) Season 1 Episode 12

Expired 4.5 63 x
Career driven couple Tara and Gareth share a love of extreme sports and outdoor pursuits, but will this be enough to convince them to give this long distance pairing a chance? Ambitious but caring John and Taz are looking for the real thing. Will they find it in the Undressed experiment?

Undressed (Uk) Season 1 Episode 11

Expired 4.6 117 x
Fun loving duo Ross and Sarah enter the Undressed experiment looking for someone to settle down with. It could be a happy ever after…if pizza lover Ross can avert his gaze from the Margherita on screen. Gym bunnies Amy and Gabriele seem the perfect match. After a pillow fight and massage will they love each other as much a...