Unreal Estate


Ep 8 Artist Houses

2.5 49 x
Cam and Kate find how artists express themselves when their canvas is their home. Kate spends the day in Daylesford with Australian artist David Bromley, while Cam retreats to the stunning Southern Highlands with fashion designer Leona Edmiston.

Ep 7 Urban Fantasies

3.0 84 x
Kate gets luxury lifestyle lessons from Sydney's uber real estate agent, Monika Tu, while Cam experiences all the glitz and glamour of prestige city living in a gilded, multi-million-dollar Gold Coast penthouse.

Ep 6 Luxury Retreats

4.0 77 x
Kate discovers a palatial paradise on the Great Barrier Reef, while Cam goes west to explore Lady Gaga's homestead hideaway, and finds out what living off the grid is all about on remote Haggerstone Island.

Ep 5 Grand Mansions

4.5 102 x
Kate and Cam play hide and seek in Swifts, one of the grandest old mansions in Australia, and celebrate the sumptuous and ornate details of the most expensive private restoration in Sydney.