Vampire Knight

January 2015

Episode of January 9, 2015

Expired 3.0 134 x
Using his new power, Zero injures Rido with Bloody Rose and Rido flees to the surrounding forest. He attempts to drink the blood of his servants to recover, and is confronted by Kaname.

Series 2 Episode 12 World's End

Expired 3.0 177 x
Surrounded by his servants, Rido drinks their blood, and waits for Yuki to come to him. While the Night Class students battle Rido's servants, Yagari fights the vampires sent by the Hunters' Association.

Series 2 Episode 11 Two Souls

Expired 3.0 134 x
Kaien is confronted by the Association president who demands that Kaien give him Zero. Kaien refuses and fights the Association president forcing him to retreat.
December 2014

Series 2 Episode 10 Prelude To The Battle

Expired 3.0 186 x
Yuki sees the sun for the first time as a vampire, and returns to her room with Hanabusa. Yagari confronts the vampire hunters sent to take Zero, and demands that the Association president come.

Series 2 Episode 9 Revival Of The Mad Emperor

Expired 3.0 160 x
Zero claims that he can only sense an arrogant pureblood vampire on the other side of the door, and Yuki accepts this, revealing that the vampire side of her ate the other side.

Series 2 Episode 8 Spiraling Recollections

Expired 3.5 67 x
Kaname leaves with Yuki, who recalls that her father, Haruka Kuran, died fighting Rido, and that her mother, Juri Kuran, sacrificed herself to seal Yuki's memories and transform her into a human.

Series 2 Episode 7 The Kiss Of Thorns

Expired 3.0 213 x
Shiki approaches Kaname and Kaname realises that Shiki is possessed by Rido Kuran, Kaname's uncle. Kaname attacks Shiki, but Takuma stops him, claiming that he will not allow Kaname to harm Shiki.

Series 2 Episode 6 The Fake Lovers

Expired 3.0 119 x
Kaname orders several Night Class students to guard Yuki after she agrees to become his lover. Yuki begins to have nightmares and continues to see images of blood on everything she sees.

Series 2 Episode 5 The Subordinate's Trap

Expired 3.0 174 x
Yuki continues to hallucinate that her surroundings are drenched in blood and is determined to ask Kaname about her past; and Zero allows Ichiru to join the Day Class.

Series 2 Episode 4 Devil's Awakening

Expired 3.0 161 x
Yuki is recalling her conversation with Zero when she hallucinates that her bath is filled with blood. Zero suggests that she look in the records of the Hunter's Association for clues about her past.