Vanderpump Rules


Episode 1 (Playtime's Over)

3.0 5 x
Scheana throws a costume party for her birthday; James' reckless behaviour threatens his disc-jockey career; Tom Schwartz realizes he's ready to make a commitment to Katie; Jax's mother offers a rare insight into his life before SUR.

Episode 21 (Secrets Revealed)

2.0 38 x
Lisa Vanderpump and her staff members discuss never-before-seen moments; Katie attacks Jax for meddling in her relationship; Tom Schwartz freaks out during a medical procedure; a consultant's suggestions rub Lisa the wrong way; Andy Cohen hosts.

Episode 20 (Reunion (Part 2))

4.0 25 x
Lisa Vanderpump and the SUR staff open up about their issues with Stassi; Tom Sandoval and Ariana confront Kristen about "Miami Girl;" Tom Schwartz responds to Katie's marriage ultimatum; Stassi reveals why she is no longer friends with Scheana.

Episode 19 (Reunion (Part 1))

4.0 12 x
Andy Cohen interviews Lisa Vanderpump and her staff; Kristen reveals a surprising new friendship; Tom Sandoval defends his fight with James at Scheana's birthday; Jax addresses the rumor about his romantic past with a man from Miami.

Ep 18 Dethroned

3.0 19 x
SUR's annual photo shoot turns tense as Tom Sandoval confronts Jax over his betrayal; Katie forces Tom Schwartz to take action in their relationship; Stassi accepts Lisa's invitation to the restaurant's anniversary party.

Ep 17 Jax Cracks

3.0 18 x
While Jax struggles to remain loyal, Stassi tells Kristen how to make Jax reveal Tom's alleged cheating; James apologises to Kristen to salvage their relationship; Lisa teams up with singer Lance Bass to host a puppy adoption event at PUMP.

Ep 16 Ring On A String

3.0 12 x
Scheana breaks down as her plan for a perfect wedding falls apart; Kristen gets into a fight with James at the reception, fulfilling everyone's worst expectations; Tom Schwartz makes a bad situation worse with an apology gift.

Ep 15 For Better Or Worse

4.0 21 x
The SUR crew comes together to celebrate Scheana's wedding day, but Scheana experiences a meltdown as the day of her dreams turns into a nightmare; James confronts Kristen over her continued obsession with Tom Sandoval.

Ep 14 Judgment Day

3.0 7 x
Lisa confronts Kristen about her disrespect for management and arrives at a final decision in regards to her future at SUR; Tom Schwartz makes a shocking revelation to Katie; Scheana debates whether to rescind Kristen's wedding invitation.

Ep 13 Miami Vices

4.0 12 x
Kristen ambushes Tom Sandoval at SUR, prompting Scheana to make a huge scene in front of customers and forcing Lisa to jump into action to keep the restaurant running.