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Season 1
When Cristina falls into a coma, Valeria fights to fulfil her last wish. (Final)
In 2003, Cristina barely survives her stint in a men's prison. Thirteen years later, she obsesses over returning to television, while Valeria struggles to publish their book.
When the curtains close on her television career, Cristina resorts to whatever means necessary to get by. In the present-day, Valeria's career is taking off in Seville when she gets an urgent call from Paca.
Back in the '90s, Cristina's splash debut on Mississippi takes her off the streets of West Park and into a flickering spotlight.
As Cristina recounts her fight for survival in the Madrid of the '90s, a tumultuous television show appearance awaits in present-day Madrid.
Cristina details the chapter of her life spent in Marbella after fleeing Adra, while Valeria navigates the highs and lows of her transition.
Painful memories resurface when Valeria digs into Cristina's childhood in Adra.
Valencia, Spain, 2006. Journalism student Valeria sets out to meet her idol, Cristina "La Veneno", who's eager to share her extraordinary story.