Waking The Dead

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Mon 26 Dec, season 9 episode 10

4.0 141 x
There's growing concern among the team over Sarah's disappearance, and time is running out for Boyd as he fights his final battle for justice against a powerful adversary. Will he prevail?

Mon 19 Dec, season 9 episode 9

4.0 86 x
Boyd is being moved out of the Cold Case Unit, but first he decides to take on the unsolved mystery of 16 homeless boys from Waterloo Bridge who disappeared in the 1980s.

Wed 12 Oct, season 9 episode 6

3.0 61 x
As Boyd and his team burrow deep into the paranoid, polarised world of early '80s British national security, they uncover duplicity and sabotage that goes to the heart of government today.

Wed 5 Oct, season 9 episode 5

4.0 53 x
The Cold Case team investigate the murder of notorious Falklands' veteran-turned-peace activist Piers Kennedy.

Wed 28 Sep, season 9 episode 4

3.0 77 x
The investigation into Claire Somers' death has seemingly unleashed a predator straight from the darkest childhood nightmare.

Wed 21 Sep, season 9 episode 3

3.0 67 x
When the squad learn that a recently murdered woman is Claire Somers, who as a seven-year-old girl was abducted from a care home 25 years ago, they unveil a shocking portrait of 1980's life
Episodes 2015

Season 8 episode 4

Expired 3.0 245 x
New evidence brings one of Gemma's rapists to light, but he refuses to reveal his partner.

Season 8 episode 3

Expired 3.0 209 x
Boyd decides to re-investigate a cold case when Gemma, a girl assaulted by two men twelve years earlier, tries to kill herself.

Season 8 episode 2

Expired 4.3 273 x
When a naked woman is found wandering the streets with no memory, the team discovers that her DNA matches that found at a 1966 crime scene.
Episodes 2014

Series 9 Episode 10 Waterloo (Part 2)

Expired 3.0 376 x
Chief Inspector Boyd and his team are back to re-open the files of more cold cases. CAST: Trevor Eve