Walking Through History

July 2017

S3 Ep6 - England's Last Battle: The West Country

3.0 3 x
In 1685, a rebel army landed at the pretty Dorset port of Lyme Regis and swept up through Somerset, pausing at Taunton to declare its leader, Duke of Monmouth, the rightful king. Tony Robinson walks in their footsteps and relives their spirit.

S3 Ep5 - King John's Ruin: The Peak District

3.0 8 x
Tony travels to Nottinghamshire to walk the ground of one of the most eventful and colourful periods of the medieval past. Legend has it that King John was probably the worst king ever, that Robin Hood defended the poor against him and his dastardly...
June 2017

S3 Ep4 - Nazi Occupation: The Channel Islands

Expired 2.0 5 x
On 30th June 1940, a plane full of German soldiers touched down at Guernsey airport. It was the start of five year of occupation. The traditional image of the Channel Islands is sun, sea and sandy beaches. But Tony Robinson embarks on a five day wal...

S3 Ep3 - The Norman Conquest Of Pembrokshire

Expired 3.0 0 x
Starting at St. David Cathedral on the West Pembrokeshire coast - visited by William in 1081 - Tony Robinson’s walk follows the stunning Pembrokeshire coastal path southwards before heading inland to discover what made the area so attractive for Nor...

S3 Ep2 - Victoria And Albert's Highland Fling

Expired 3.0 4 x
Tony Robinson tells the very personal tale of Victoria and Albert’s love of the Scottish mountains. This is also a story of the complete image makeover of an entire nation. Tony heads for Blair Castle, the location of Victoria and Albert’s first vis...

S3 Ep1 - Bronte Country

Expired 3.0 3 x
Bronte Country - Tony Robinson embarks on spectacular walks through some of Britain’s most historic landscapes in search of the richest stories from Britain’s past. In each program, Tony follows a bespoke route that allows him to explore on foot bot...
May 2017

S2 Ep6 - Norfolk

Expired 3.0 3 x
Norfolk - Tony Robinson walks the stunning North Norfolk coast from the Royal estate of Sandringham in the west to the popular resort of Cromer 40 miles to the east. With the growth of the railways in the nineteenth century, Victorian entrepreneurs ...

S2 Ep5 - Northumbria

Expired 3.5 4 x
Northumbria - Northumbria, the north east corner of England, is a wild and beautiful county. But back in the seventh century it was also one of the most powerful kingdoms in the land. It was there that Cuthbert – to become St Cuthbert, whose shrine ...

Ep4 - Wigan Pier

Expired 3.0 4 x
Wigan Pier - Tony walks from Liverpool Docks to Wigan Pier, following the route of Britain's longest canal, the Liverpool to Leeds. Between 1820 and 1850 as the Industrial Revolution really took off, this canal was hugely profitable and hugely busy....

Ep3 - Cornwall

Expired 3.0 11 x
Cornwall - The south-west corner of Britain with its picturesque villages, winding inlets and hidden coves has always been famous for its smuggling past. In a stunning walk along the south Cornwall coast, Tony investigates the real story of the smug...