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Season 2021

Season 2021, Episode 2 - Farms Of The Future

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Farming up and inside is challenging the way we think about producing food. Some of the biggest and boldest steps forward in this space are coming from surprising places, as Landline reported in 2018.

Season 2021, Episode 1 - Green And Gold

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In 2019 Landline visited the only Australian farm producing edible pumpkin seeds. A pallet can sell for thirty thousand dollars. And when pressed, the rich green oil is green gold.

Season 2021, Episode 6 - Natural Wine

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Natural wine, low-fi wine, or wine made with minimal additives was initially dismissed as a fad. But this small-scale winemaking style is having an outsized impact on the wine scene, as Landline reported in 2021.

Season 2021, Episode 3 - Jujube We Do!

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Jujubes have been grown in Asia for thousands of years but are relatively new to Australia. Some inventive farmers in South Australia's Riverland are now even turning it into vinegar and beer, as Landline reported in 2020.

Season 2021, Episode 5 - Got You Covered

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Massive structures with retractable walls and roof panels are being used to provide permanent protection for high-value crops. The sheds are a game-changer for fruit and vegetable growers, as Landline reported in 2017.

Season 2021, Episode 4 - Bio D Vino

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There are many wine growing regions and wine varieties in Australia. There's even biodynamic wine, but only the most discerning buyers would know about the mysterious forces which go into them, as Landline reported in 2017.