Weather Top Ten

August 2017

Episode 3 (Weather Top Ten)

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It's man and machine vs. weather, and all too often we lose the fight. See engineering catastrophes, mechanical mishaps and human missteps; each with one common catalyst...the weather. We count down the top ten "Weather Disasters" that made history

Episode 2 (Top Ten Worst Flash Floods)

4.0 6 x
Flash floods have the power to turn lives into nightmares. Raging walls of water barrelling down rivers and bursting banks can sweep you off your feet, lift cars from asphalt and wash homes from their foundations. We are counting down the top ten
March 2017

Ep 1 Top Ten Most Bizzare Weather

4.0 10 x
Weather has more ingredients than an all-you-can-eat buffet. Combine the right ones, and Mother Nature serves up a bizarre weather feast that amazes even our most seasoned meteorologists. We are counting down the "Most Bizarre Weather" on the planet.