Welcome To Earth

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Welcome To Earth

Klaus and Mish are visiting an agricultural centre. Seeing a vegetable garden for the first time, Klaus has the idea of turning the Earth into a vegetable forest using his super fertiliser.

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Season 1
Klaus and Mish discover a photographic exhibition dedicated to humanity. Klaus decides to seize it with the help of his brand-new luxury teleporter even though he hasn't the first idea how it works.
While flying over a river that meanders through vineyards on a mission for Commander Alpha, Klaus and Mish fall under the spell of that entrancing landscape and decide to take a little break.
While Mish photographs birds in a nature reserve, Klaus discovers a futuristic-looking building.
Klaus hits on the idea of converting a huge city bridge into a runway for spacecraft.
While flying over a forest, Klaus and Mish lose control of their flying saucers and crash near a strange looking cave.
Suzy crash lands at the headquarters of Klaus and Mish to announce the impending arrival of Commander Alpha for National Day.
Klaus and Mish discover a mysterious underground fortress made up on tunnels hewn out of the rock.
Erza and Suzy are on a mission to steal a magnificent golden statue from the top of a monument on Earth.
Klaus and Mish are next to a pretty river nestled in the heart of a valley. According to Mish, there is a legend of an ancient king who once fell in love with a mermaid who used to live here.
Klaus and Mish are floating down a river when they come across a beautiful waterfall in the forest. Klaus is convinced that he is the very first person to discover this fairy-tale landscape and sets up a secret base.
As Klaus and Mish are flying over the country they notice a mysterious tunnel. Klaus is convinced that this is a top-secret military base. Mish explains that it is actually an old mine that has been converted to a museum.
Where are we? Well definitely not in a museum. A museum is old and dusty. For Klaus, their location is obvious - they are at the centre of the earth!
While Mish is amazed by some ruins dating back more than 2000 years, Klaus prefers to be interested in a very different building.
Klaus and Mish are in front of a beautiful castle which Klaus thinks must have belonged to a very powerful person. The reality is that they are at the entrance to a public park where a sleeping giant is hiding.
While Klaus and Mish are looking around a castle, Klaus' lifelong enemy - his talented twin sister Erza appears. Eminently much smarter than Klaus, she never misses an opportunity to remind him of that fact!