Welcome To India


S1 Ep3

Expired 3.0 31 x
The final episode follows three families as they search for a better life today and for future generations. Prakash is deckhand on a yacht while striving to realise his dream and launch a Bollywood career. Swapan, a merchant in a hectic fish market,...

S1 Ep2

Expired 3.0 64 x
This episode follows three people as they attempt to make a living from waste. Johora started out as a rag-picker, but through building a bottle recycling business on a railway embankment, she has big ambitions for her family of seven kids. And it's...

S1 Ep1

Expired 3.0 48 x
This three-part series features the remarkable stories of individuals who have made the most of their impoverished lives. The first episode follows two people as they try to carve out homes in Kolkata and Mumbai. Kaale has come to Kolkata in search ...