Welcome To Rio


Episode 3 - Ingenuity

Expired 3.0 5 x
The final episode celebrates the resourcefulness of some of Rio’s poorest residents. Living on their wits favela residents are adept at exploiting whatever opportunities come their way. Rosie and her husband Marcos used to work on Rio’s landfill, but when they heard it was going to close they decided to start their own bus...

Ep1 - Peace

Expired 1.5 18 x
As the eyes of the world turn to Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup, a new three-part observational series reveals the truth about life inside Rio’s famous shanty-towns, the favelas. With extraordinary access to them this series reveals the favelas to be places of energy, resourcefulness and humour, through the lives of...
Episodes 2014

Ep2 - War

3.0 90 x
War - This second episode takes viewers into the drug trafficking gang controlled favelas, which are under attack from the Government special forces pacification plans in advance of the World Cup and Olympics. In the favela Complexo da Maré, Carlos runs the local Resident’s Association. Until a few years ago he was a high ...