Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

November 2019

Season 1, Episode 3

4.0 13 x
A touch footy game ends weirdly, women who don't understand the way men speak, Simon & Simone have different fashion requirements, deodorant use in a ladies room and young parents race home to their baby.

Season 1, Episode 2

3.0 8 x
Three girls glam up & get loose on a night out, Katrina runs into her frenemy, a woman uses her Poke-Man to help her, Snow White & Prince Charming have it out & two South African women argue about Quantum Mechanics.
June 2017

Season 1, Episode 6

4.0 43 x
A sexy party in the '70s takes an interesting turn, Officer Michaels meets his enemy and isn't happy, Katrina and Amanda have a final showdown and a cautionary song about feminism and the sisterhood. (Final)

Season 1, Episode 5

4.0 37 x
A mother discusses the pros and cons about motherhood, Shani and Tani argue about their children and the Multiverse, our sexist sitcom gets even more sexist and twins Simon and Simone try to enjoy a quiet night out.

Season 1, Episode 4

3.5 32 x
The Sheetles are a female version of the Beatles in every way but with very different fans; The politics of bronzer use in the Ladies Room; Officer Michaels has a performance review; Cinderella & Prince Charming fight.

Season 1, Episode 1

4.0 14 x
Superheroines botch up a battle, girly chat in a Ladies Room, a blogger films at a local park, Australia's first male police officer suffers sexism on his first day at work, a hard-hitting rap song all about That Flow.