What Happens In Sunny Beach

May 2014

Ep3 - Trouble In Paradise

3.0 185 x
Trouble In Paradise - In the season final, friendships are tested and blood is spilled as the relentless hedonism of Sunny Beach takes its toll on childhood friends who swap sun and sea for A&E. While a young duo pay the price for an eight hour booz...
April 2014

Ep2 - Any Hole's A Goal

4.0 201 x
Any Hole's A Goal - This episode takes a look at the unique sex lives of young holidaymakers in Sunny Beach, as they let loose away from the constraints of life in Britain. The programme meets a group of school friends intent on carving more notches...

Ep1 - Don't Screw The Crew

3.0 309 x
Don't Screw The Crew - Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, was once an upmarket playground for the Eastern bloc elite, but is now the new destination for British teenagers looking to get their fix of hedonistic fun. This episode takes a look at the secret world ...