What I Wrote

What I Wrote catch up


Series 2 Episode 10 Ray Lawler - Finding A Way

3.0 100 x
We talk about becoming a playwright in 'Finding a Way'.

Series 2 Episode 9 Ray Lawler - Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll

3.0 200 x
A discussion about writing Australia onto the stage in 'Summer of the Seventeenth Doll'.

Series 2 Episode 8 Katherine Thomson - Harbour

3.0 70 x
A discussion of the end of old style unionism in 'Harbour'.

Series 2 Episode 7 Katherine Thomson - Wonderlands

3.0 87 x
We talk about our relationship to land and history in 'Wonderlands'.

Episode 6 Matt Cameron - Tear From A Glass Eye

3.0 141 x
Matt Cameron explores the nature of indifference in 'Tear From A Glass Eye'.

Episode 5 Matt Cameron - Ruby Moon

3.0 279 x
We discuss the dark side of suburbia in 'Ruby Moon'.

Debra Oswald - Mr Bailey's Minder

3.0 51 x
We talk about the relationship of a father and daughter in 'Mr Bailey's Minder'.

Debra Oswald - Dags

3.0 54 x
Debra Oswald explores the ugly duckling story underlying 'Dags'.

Jack Hibberd - A Stretch Of The Imagination

3.0 38 x
We discuss the existential clown in Jack Hibberd's 'A Stretch of the Imagination'.

Episode 1 Jack Hibberd: Dimboola

3.0 102 x
Jack Hibberd talks about bringing down the forth wall in 'Dimboola'.