When The Dust Settles

When The Dust Settles catch up

November 2020

S1 Ep1

3.0 39 x
Nine days before a tragic attack hits Copenhagen, eight strangers go about their lives oblivious to the dangers ahead. The couple Morten and Camilla celebrate their wedding anniversary, but the celebration is cut short when their son Albert is hospitalised with a drug overdose. The chef Nikolaj is planning a career change,...

S1 Ep10

3.0 31 x
The perpetrators behind the terrorist attack are caught. Louise is immensely relieved, but Marie has more important things on her mind. Morten doesn’t care, and he is oblivious to the fact that his behaviour is starting to have fatal consequences for his family. Holger and Ginger’s big day arrives, and there’s a party ...

S1 Ep8

4.0 13 x
One week after the attack, Jamal is jailed as the prime suspect. Elisabeth, having gained the upper hand in the political game, uses her powerful position to pay Jamal a visit, looking for answers. Nikolaj has another idea for a business concept, and at his friend Jonas’ a lucky break just might enable him to fulfil his ne...

S1 Ep9

4.3 40 x
An unexpected visit causes Ginger to feel guilty, and she decides to go to the police and tell them what she knows about the attack. Ginger’s testimony clears Jamal and points at other suspects. Elisabeth’s drastic measures are revealed, and those closest to her are fed up. Jamal is out of jail but branded in his community...