December 2013

Episode 6 (Final)

3.0 138 x
Roland is feeling lost without Bib, who is planning his new life in Australia. The White House staff prepare their acts for the talent show - will Caroline finally let her hair down? CAST: Alan Davies (Final)
November 2013

Episode 5 30/11/2013

3.0 84 x
Roland finally gets a chance in the spotlight when he is invited to do a spot on TV show, Sunday Chefs. It's just a pity he's chosen to do it on a day when they have a function for 300 people. CAST: Alan Davies

Episode 4 23/11/2013

3.0 144 x
The restaurant undergoes a health and safety inspection. Roland is used to passing with the help of a little casual bribery. Not this time though, as the new inspector proves. CAST: Alan Davies, Kevin Bishop, Darren Boyd


3.0 74 x
Bib is under pressure from his wife as they are desperately trying for a baby. Skoose is put in charge and uses the position to his advantage. CAST: Alan Davies, Kevin Bishop, Darren Boyd

Episode 2 9/11/2013

3.0 75 x
Celebrity chef Shay Marshall arrives at the hotel in his helicopter, delighting Bib as he is one of his heroes. Could Roland be jealous of Shay? CAST: Alan Davies, Kevin Bishop, Darren Boyd

Episode 1 2/11/2013

3.0 119 x
Set in the high-pressured kitchen of a beautiful country house hotel, this comedy series follows the trials and tribulations of head chef Roland White and his sous chef Bib. CAST: Alan Davies, Darren Boyd