Who Do You Think You Are? Australia


September 6, 2016

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Who Do You Think You Are? Australia is a candid one hour retrospective special which features 40 of Australia's most loved celebrities. The program brings together the best moments of this award winning genealogical series combined with revealing insights on what it was like to take part in the show, from Adam Hills, Magda...
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Who Do You Think You Are? M Dusselldorp

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Actress Marta Dusseldorp has become a household name on Australian television screens, playing strong female characters in Janet King, A Place To Call Home, and Jack Irish. Now, Marta wants to explore the characters in her own ancestral past. The daughter of a Dutch migrant, Marta always identified with the European roots ...

Who Do You Think You Are? Jennifer Byrne

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Traumatised by the scandal of her parents’ public divorce, investigative journalist, Jennifer Byrne, has avoided examining her family history until now, when both her parents have passed away. Although Jennifer loved her maternal grandfather, Victoria’s longest serving Governor, Sir Dallas Brooks, the privilege that came w...

Who Do You Think You Are? Scott Cam

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TV personality Scott Cam reveals his paternal family changed their surname from Caminiti to Cam during World War Two. But, beyond this historical detail, Scott knows little about his Italian ancestors, including what compelled them to leave their homeland for a ‘sunburnt country’.