Who's the Boss?

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June 2016

Tue 14 Jun, season 8 episode 23

4.0 68 x
Tony in Iowa and Angela in Connecticut make valiant efforts to keep their relationship going, but soon come to the heartbreaking realisation that it's just too difficult to go long-distance.

Mon 13 Jun, season 8 episode 22

3.0 56 x
No sooner does Tony graduate and start hunting for a teaching job than a dream position is offered to him at a distant Iowa college.

Sun 12 Jun, season 8 episode 20

3.0 35 x
When Tony's temper takes its toll on Angela, she escapes with Mona and Samantha to a posh resort only to run into a guest who is a dead ringer for Tony.

Sun 12 Jun, season 8 episode 21

3.0 43 x
Tony's incessant demands for perfection during the remodeling of the master bedroom drive everybody crazy, so he decides to fire the contractor, his new in-law Joe.

Wed 8 Jun, season 8 episode 17

4.0 72 x
Angela is concerned that Tony is having doubts about their relationship when he develops a mysterious marriage-related allergy.

Tue 7 Jun, season 8 episode 15

3.0 50 x
A household accident causes Tony to lose consciousness and experience what his life as a major league player could have been like.

Mon 6 Jun, season 8 episode 13

3.0 53 x
Samantha poses as her boyfriend Al's wife to help him win over a wary landlord, but Tony decides to expose the marital masquerade.

Mon 6 Jun, season 8 episode 14

3.0 57 x
When Tony's friends accuse him of letting Angela control his social calendar, Tony feigns illness to avoid attending the ballet with her, with disastrous results.

Wed 1 Jun, season 8 episode 4

3.0 70 x
Tony enters the world of high finance when, eager to prove that he trusts Sam's taste in men, he allows her new stockbroker boyfriend to invest his 'cookie jar' money.
May 2016

Tue 31 May, season 8 episode 2

3.0 66 x
Nervous about their family's reaction to their new-found feelings of affection for one another, Tony and Angela go to great lengths to keep their romance a secret.