Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart catch up

September 2014

Series 4 Episode 10

Expired 3.0 219 x
A lioness is loose in town, and it is Family Day. Danny and Alice agree to keep their relationship under wraps for now. CAST: Stephen Tompkinson, Dawn Steele

Series 4 Episode 9

Expired 3.0 135 x
Injured Danny is still stranded alone and delirious in the jungle, surrounded by hungry animals. And is Charlotte OK after the landslide? CAST: Stephen Tompkinson

Series 4 Episode 8

Expired 3.0 173 x
Alice is devastated to overhear that Danny shared a kiss with Vanessa; the family visit an auction; and with the elements against them they must all focus on keeping the animals safe. CAST: Dawn Steele, Stephen Tompkinson

Series 4 Episode 7

Expired 3.0 219 x
Du Plessis becomes South Africa's version of Crocodile Dundee, but is it all going to end in tears? CAST: Deon Stewardson, Dawn Steele, Stephen Tompkinson, Juliet Mills

Series 4 Episode 6

Expired 3.0 89 x
Du Plessis has news for everyone at Leopard's Den; and Vanessa asks Danny to look at a lion they have acquired that is behaving strangely. CAST: Deon Stewardson, Stephen Tompkinson

Series 4 Episode 5

Expired 3.0 223 x
Alice and Danny get to see an African wild dog up close, with scary results; and Rosie and Max have a rift. CAST: Lucy Jo Hudson, Martinus Van der Berg

Series 4 Episode 4

Expired 3.0 85 x
It is the day before Rosie's wedding, after the tragic events of the first attempt. And Du Plessis gets bad news when Caroline decides to stay in the UK. CAST: Deon Stewardson, Hayley Mills

Series 4 Episode 3

Expired 3.0 206 x
Danny needs to control an outbreak of rabies, and meets Alice the vet enlisted to help. But things don't get off on a good footing. CAST: Stephen Tompkinson, Dawn Steele

Series 4 Episode 2

Expired 3.0 99 x
Danny and Evan's life on the run doesn't start well when Danny falls asleep at the wheel and drives into a ditch. They have to enlist a local farmer, Johann, to winch them out. CAST: Stephen Tompkinson

Series 4 Episode 1

Expired 3.0 110 x
At Leopard's Den's busy animal hospital newly-widowed Danny Trevanion is battling to keep his family and business together, after the tragic death of his wife. CAST: Stephen Tompkinson