Wild Hawaii

May 2017

S1 Ep2 - Secrets Of The Deep

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Secrets of the Deep - Hawaii was born of fire into a world of water that has become as unique and spectacular as the islands themselves. This world for the most part remains hidden, secreted beneath the waves. Here creatures great and small struggle to live, while battling the lava, currents, and one another in an epic tale of survival. (Ep.2) (From the US) (From the US) (Documentary) G CC

S1 Ep1 - Land Of Fire

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Land of Fire - Explore the fiery heart of Hawaii; from volcanic eruptions spewing rivers of molten lava to spiders that smile, fish that climb and turtles that bury secrets in a landscape that defies expectations. Learn about the monster at Hawaii's molten core, Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes on Earth. See how Hawaii's creatures have evolved to be different from their cousins the world over. Finally, we show how 95 percent of the flora on these islands does not exist anywhere else in...