Wild New Zealand

December 2016

Ep 3 New Arrivals

4.0 108 x
New Zealand was one of the last land-masses to be found and settled by people. Lush and fertile, almost everything brought here flourishes, often with surprising consequences. This is the story of how humans have shaped the island nation.

Ep 2 Wild Extremes

4.0 89 x
The most extreme parts of New Zealand are in the South Island. This is home to some of the most rapidly rising mountains in the world, the Southern Alps. The wildlife here has had to embrace the most radical solutions to survive.
November 2016

Ep 1 Cast Adrift

2.5 149 x
Isolated since the time of the dinosaurs, New Zealand has been left to its own devices with surprising consequences. It's forests are still stalked by predators from the Jurassic era and it's one of the most geologically active countries on Earth