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August 2022
Ninja the Green Sea Turtle has a fish hook embedded in his intestines and Dr Bree performs dangerous surgery to remove it. Carers have brought in Edwina the Kangaroo who has deteriorated overnight.
Pamela the Bearded Dragon has a piece of barbed wire embedded in her side and Dr Bree will operate to remove it. Squish the baby Puggle Echidna has lost his mum and will need a lot of care to survive.
Patsy the Echidna has arrived for a checkup of her broken beak but X rays reveal the fracture is getting worse. Crash the Bandicoot has lost his mum and needs a lot of care and attention.
July 2022
Dr Bree is worried about the gas in Sandy the Eastern Grey Kangaroo joey's tummy and Willow the Owlet Nightjar has fallen out of his nest and needs a check up.
Winnie the Pelican is having a check up to see if she's ready to be released. Sunny the orphaned baby Flying Fox has clung to power lines for 3 days. Now Dr Bree needs to help her survive.
Manda the Wombat has problems with her teeth. Cher the Squirrel Glider possum won't survive in the wild unless Dr Bree can repair her injured eye.
Arni the Koala needs his sore eye checked and 6 Green Sea Turtles are heading back into the wild.
June 2022
Dr Bree and the team check out a 5 week old Flying Fox with a sore wing. A Green Sea Turtle has had a run in with a boat propellor and a Python has injured himself stealing a chicken for dinner.
Jack the Python has had a run in with a tractor and needs surgery to repair his throat. Prickles the Echidna has been hit by a car and Dr Bree works to pop his dislocated leg back into place.