William Shatner's Weird Or What?


S2 Ep8 - Medical Mysteries

Expired 3.0 107 x
Medical Mysteries - William Shatner investigates three incredible stories where the human body reaches beyond the limits of modern medicine. A woman and her unborn baby who survive a parachute accident; a man who is incinerated as he lies in his bed with no explanation; and a schoolgirl who seems to have electrical powers....

S2 Ep7 - Paranormal Mysteries

Expired 3.0 63 x
Paranormal Mysteries - William Shatner investigates three incredible stories about the paranormal. A woman is terrorised by an invisible attacker; a mother undergoes a demonic transformation then turns to an ancient Catholic ritual for help; and a teenager sees a ghost. (From the UK) (Entertainment Series) (Rpt) PG CC

S2 Ep10 - Ancient Mysteries

3.0 97 x
Is the unexplained really unexplainable? Sci-fi legend William Shatner investigates all that is weird in the world and attempts to find a logical, scientific explanation. From paranormal phenomena to weird and wonderful creatures, from medical oddities to mysterious disappearances, from bizarre natural disasters to mystica...

S2 Ep9 - Power Of The Mind

3.0 76 x
Power of the Mind - William Shatner investigates three incredible stories about the untapped power of the human brain. They include a woman who has a vision that helps to solve a murder case; a man who remembers every single moment from every single day of his life; and a faith healer who miraculously cures a woman. (From ...

S2 Ep6 - Freaks Of Nature

3.0 92 x
Freaks of Nature - William Shatner investigates three mysterious freaks of nature. On the east coast of Canada, a small community is devastated by an earth-shattering 'boom'; a paranormal fog haunts Lake Michigan, swallowing ships and planes; and a blinding double flash of light over the Indian Ocean sends a nation into pa...

S2 Ep5 - Parallel Worlds

3.0 79 x
Parallel Worlds - William Shatner investigates three incredible stories about parallel dimensions. A woman has a terrifying encounter with a mysterious human-shaped shadow on a hiking trip; a weird machine transports a six-year-old boy hundreds of miles in a split second; and some perfectly-carved ancient crystal skulls ar...

S2 Ep4 - End Of The World

3.0 73 x
End of the World - William Shatner investigates three incredible stories that could spell the end of human life on Earth. A physicist predicts a deadly super-volcano lurking beneath Yellowstone National Park will destroy the world; a NASA scientist makes an incredible alien discovery and believes a solar storm could destro...

S2 Ep13 - Monsters

3.0 48 x
Monsters - William Shatner investigates three bizarre stories about monsters. A West Virginia town is terrorised by the 'mothman', a seven-foot winged demon with glowing red eyes; in Newfoundland, a fisherman discovers the remains of an unidentified sea creature; and there's panic in the streets of New Delhi when thousands...

S2 Ep12 - Life After Death

3.0 62 x
Life After Death - William Shatner investigates three curious stories that suggest there is indeed life after death. An emotional visit to a Civil War battlefield leads a Connecticut man to believe he is the reincarnation of a dead general; hoping to uncover genuine proof of the afterlife, scientists in England conduct a s...

S2 Ep11 - Alien Encounters

3.0 62 x
Alien Encounters - All over the planet, strange events suggest that aliens are among us. In Colorado, a farmer discovers a cow mysteriously mutilated by unknown forces; a Texas man is repeatedly abducted and claims he is the subject of extra-terrestrial experiments; and in Ohio, an astronomer's powerful telescope intercept...