Winners and Losers



3.0 165 x
Frances is irritated when Lily arrives on her doorstep, adamant Keith is lying.

Tue 1 Sep, season 2015 episode 12

3.0 146 x
The Gross Family are finally reunited when Mrs Gross and Patrick return to celebrate Jenny and Gabe's imminent wedding.

Tue 25 Aug, season 2015 episode 11

3.0 197 x
Sophie's fight with Frances makes things awkward amongst the girls, and her renewed friendship with Jack is making things awkward with Luke.

Tue 28 Jul, season 2015 episode 3

Expired 3.0 219 x
Sophie's concerns about Luke's partying ease, until she discovers he binge drank alone.

Tue 28 Jul, season 2015 episode 4

Expired 3.0 100 x
Izzy ignores Frances' warning and refuses to tell Carla she wants to slow the surrogacy process.

Tue 14 Jul, season 2015 episode 1

Expired 1.5 521 x
Luke is rushed to hospital fighting for his life. Cory moves into the Gross house. Izzy's offer to become a surrogate for Doug and Carla's baby sends everyone into a tailspin.
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