Winners & Losers

September 2016

Mon 12 Sep, season 5 episode 12

3.0 214 x
Jenny's confident her pregnancy is the fresh start she and Gabe need.

Mon 12 Sep, season 5 episode 13

3.0 215 x
In the final ever episode, the girls explore just how far they've come with the 15-year-reunion looming.

Tue 6 Sep, season 5 episode 11

3.0 140 x
Frances' blase attitude to the celebration of milestones is revealed to be a poor attempt to cover her nerves about attending Pete's parents' 40th wedding anniversary
August 2016

Tue 30 Aug, season 5 episode 10

4.0 130 x
Eager for some time away, Jenny organises a 'glamping' trip for the girls. When Sophie and Frances convince Riley to tag along, Jenny's furious, not ready to be around the woman Gabe cheated with.

Tue 23 Aug, season 5 episode 9

3.0 181 x
It's the morning after Gabe's drunken mistake and Riley's response is immediate - she contacts Zuko and lines up a new job.

Tue 2 Aug, season 5 episode 7

3.0 201 x
Sophie struggles in the aftermath of the attack, finding herself overwhelmed with guilt and grief.

Tue 2 Aug, season 5 episode 8

3.0 136 x
As Jenny's attitude towards her marriage problems improves, Gabe's deteriorates.
July 2016

Tue 26 Jul, season 5 episode 5

4.0 200 x
Frances has shut out the world in the wake of Keith's scam.

Tue 26 Jul, season 5 episode 6

4.0 202 x
Riley's determined to impress Colin Gammell, an investor, but she's worried he won't take her seriously because of her age.

Tue 19 Jul, season 5 episode 3

4.3 262 x
When Jenny is offered a permanent job at Millner Boys', she's in two minds.
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