Season 1 episode 1

3.6 1,094 x
Detective Sergeant Eve Winter leads the task force assigned to investigate the murder of young 23-year-old mother Karly Johansson at Rocky Point, a hauntingly beautiful fishing town south of Sydney.
Episodes 2015

Season 1 episode 6

Expired 4.0 815 x
Eve takes Indiana back to Rocky Point, hoping she will remember what happened on the fateful day Karly Johansson was murdered.

Season 1 episode 5

Expired 2.0 440 x
Knowing there's a leak in the department, Eve keeps Indiana holed up at her place where she learns a shocking secret.

Season 1 episode 4

Expired 4.3 431 x
Deeply affected by the latest tragic turn in their case, Eve and Jake take comfort in each other's arms.

Season 1 episode 3

Expired 4.0 434 x
Eve's sister and psychologist Melanie attempts to unlock Indiana's memory via hypnosis. Luke reveals a secret that may lead Eve one step closer to Karly's killer.

Season 1 episode 2

Expired 4.0 612 x
Eve is caught between two worlds - solving Karly's murder with Lachlan and her team, and finding Indiana who she is convinced is hiding something.