Wire In The Blood

Wire In The Blood catch up

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 3 - Justice Painted Blind

2.5 34 x
Two brutal killings bear the shocking hallmarks of the murder of a girl three years earlier. Tony Hill is sure the attacks are trademarks of a different killer - until a bizarre link suggests more deaths will follow.

Season 1, Episode 2 - Shadows Rising

3.0 22 x
Two girls' bodies are found in a remote barn and two popular television presenters fear they are being stalked and find their dog murdered in their home. Could the two cases be connected?

Season 1, Episode 1 - The Mermaids Singing

4.0 35 x
Until now, the only serial killers Dr Tony Hill had encountered were safely behind bars. This time, two men have been found mutilated and tortured and the killer is on the loose.

Sat 26 Sep, season 6 episode 3

4.0 238 x
Tony gets caught up hunting a serial killer who is brutally slaughtering young men and doesn't realise that convicted murderer Michael is planning to escape.

Sat 19 Sep, season 6 episode 2

3.0 245 x
Tony becomes the prime suspect in a murder inquiry after a female friend he meets at a psychology convention is killed.

Sat 12 Sep, season 6 episode 4

3.0 192 x
Tony and Alex investigate theories of honour killings, fetishism and cannibalism when human remains are found in wasteland.

Sat 5 Sep, season 5 episode 4

3.0 164 x
Tony Hill assists the police in investigating a series of murders and his profile suggests that the suspect may come forward as a potential witness. Meanwhile, DI Alex Fielding is up for promotion to DCI but is having doubts.

Sat 29 Aug, season 5 episode 3

3.0 220 x
The police investigate a series of rapes and murders of young, professional women in the Bradford area. Meanwhile in a separate case, a former patient who killed his own family, contacts Tony.

Sat 22 Aug, season 5 episode 2

3.0 199 x
Tony Hill and DI Alex Fielding find themselves investigating the ritualistic murder and mutilation of children. The perpetrators are casting voodoo-like spells on a variety of victims.

Sat 13 Jun, season 5 episode 1

Expired 3.0 259 x
When an 11-year-old girl is seen being dragged into a car, the police issue an Amber alert. As the hours pass by, they know their chances of rescuing the girl diminishes.