Wire In The Blood

Full episodes

Sat 26 Sep, season 6 episode 3

3.0 153 x
Tony gets caught up hunting a serial killer who is brutally slaughtering young men and doesn't realise that convicted murderer Michael is planning to escape.

Sat 19 Sep, season 6 episode 2

3.0 171 x
Tony becomes the prime suspect in a murder inquiry after a female friend he meets at a psychology convention is killed.

Sat 12 Sep, season 6 episode 4

3.0 153 x
Tony and Alex investigate theories of honour killings, fetishism and cannibalism when human remains are found in wasteland.

Sat 5 Sep, season 5 episode 4

3.0 105 x
Tony Hill assists the police in investigating a series of murders and his profile suggests that the suspect may come forward as a potential witness. Meanwhile, DI Alex Fielding is up for promotion to DCI but is having doubts.

Sat 29 Aug, season 5 episode 3

3.0 171 x
The police investigate a series of rapes and murders of young, professional women in the Bradford area. Meanwhile in a separate case, a former patient who killed his own family, contacts Tony.
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