May 2017

Season 2 Episode 1

Expired 4.5 65 x
Marie Dompnier reprises her role as detective Sandra Winckler, alongside actress Audrey Fleurot (Spiral). The first crime the duo need to solve is the death of 15 men - frozen and sitting on a bus.

Season 2 Episode 2

Expired 3.0 57 x
Sandra tries to find out where the bus came from. She looks into past disappearances, and discovers a similar case: a dead man was found in an abandoned bus ten years earlier. Sandra visits the bus depot and inspects the bus. She finds lines from a poem scratched into it. Sandra remembers reading the same lines on a bus sh...

Season 2 Episode 3

Expired 3.5 29 x
A cloudy, looming sky. A gigantic white blade cuts through the air at regular intervals. Swish. Swish. The blades of a wind turbine... At the foot of the turbine: a corpse that has been unearthed. The body of a young woman. Her name was Virginie Drouet, and she died shortly after giving birth. The baby wasn't buried with h...

Season 2 Episode 4

Expired 3.0 46 x
Catherine has just knocked on the door of Martin Souriau, the man she's convinced is her kidnapper. What did she ever do to him? Did she hurt him somehow? Has she decided that coming here was a bad move, otherwise why does she call Sandra and ask for help! Sandra learns that her captain, Max, wants to put her under police...

Season 2 Episode 5

Expired 4.0 69 x
Antoine's car is found on the side of the road, at the edge of a forest. A search party is sent out to find him. The police set into action. Night falls. There's no trace of Antoine. The police call off the search. We follow one of them. An officer with a haggard face. He leaves the group and heads home. He lives in a spa...

Season 2 Episode 6

Expired 3.0 75 x
Sandra has lost everything. Her daughters, who she doesn't see anymore. The trust of Eric as well as her colleagues. And Antoine, who she came to love and whose body still hasn't been found. Eric is under tight surveillance. Geir Jansen is trying to get to him, but there are so many cops around, he can't do anything! Sand...

Season 2 Episode 7

Expired 4.5 96 x
Sandra has fallen into the clutches of the killer! The clutches of Geir Jansen. Geir intends to “marry” her, as he did the other women. He's already gotten his hands on Antoine and two of Sandra's former lovers. Now all he has to do is get ahold of Eric! But Eric is still being protected! Geir gets an idea: he takes Sandr...

Season 2 Episode 8

Expired 4.0 76 x
Will Sandra manage to get away from Geir Jansen, or will she become his next “bride”? Will Sandra give Geir a baby, as Catherine and Emilie did before her? Will she abandon the baby somewhere, after losing her memory? What about Eric? Is he dead? Will Catherine agree to follow the mysterious woman? Will she go to meet t...
September 2016

S1 Ep6

Expired 2.7 50 x
Paul, rescued by Sandra, discovers the truth: the person digging up the bodies is hiding their past. A troubled past which has resurfaced. Guilt buried for a very long time... Paul and Sandra will have to stretch their very own limits to finally get to the bottom of the "show-home case". (From France, in French) (Drama Ser...

S1 Ep5

Expired 4.0 52 x
Paul Maisonneuve is in the hands of Kaz Gorbier. Sandra Winckler is now alone on the case. She knows that Kaz Gorbier cannot be acting alone. If Gorbier isn't digging up the bodies, than who is the guilty party? Where lies the truth? And more importantly, how can she save Paul Maisonneuve from certain death? (Ep.5) (From F...