Wolverine And The X-Men


Series 1 Episode 26 Foresight : Part 3

Expired 1.0 57 x
Magneto arrives with his Sentinels and begins his attack on the city. In the future, Wolverine, Xavier and the rest of the future X-Men have found Master Mold and are fighting their way through the Sentinels.

Series 1 Episode 25 Foresight : Part 2

Expired 2.0 141 x
Wolverine saves Xavier in the future and claims he has found Master Mold's location. On Genosha, Magneto magnetically overtakes the Sentinels and Wanda is stunned when he tells her to prepare for their war against humans.

Series 1 Episode 24 Foresight : Part 1

Expired 3.0 98 x
Situations are starting to intensify both in the future and in the present. Future X has been captured by the Sentinels and taken to Master Mold thanks to Marrow's betrayal.

Series 1 Episode 23 Shades Of Grey

Expired 3.0 39 x
Emma thinks she has located Jean at a hospital close by. She and Scott leave the Mansion to bring her home, which is easier said than done.

Series 1 Episode 22 Aces And Eights

Expired 3.0 38 x
Wolverine is tipped off by Future Xavier that a mutant spy will steal Magneto's helmet and it may be the flashpoint of the war. Genosha has closed its borders and it appears that Magneto is bracing for conflict.
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