Women's Work


Season 2018, Episode 8 (Tricia Fortier)

3.0 4 x
Clown Doctors help sick kids to smile, but who are the people who help the Clown Doctors? Meet quiet achiever Tricia Fortier, the Humour Foundation's legendary volunteer.

Season 2018, Episode 1 (Donna Rankin)

4.0 7 x
'It brought me back to life': Art saved Donna Rankin after her daughter's shocking death. Now she's sharing the medicine, using the power of mindfulness and a paint brush to help young women who are struggling.

Season 2017, Episode 8 (Trish Jackson)

3.0 7 x
Trish is aThalidomide scandal survivor who's found solace from pain through her art, and travels around Qld schools to give volunteer motivational presentations on body image, anti-bullying and overcoming adversity.

Season 2017, Episode 3 (Michele Phillips)

4.0 7 x
Michele Phillips is a wildlife rescuer whose suburban home has been turned into an animal shelter. Her volunteer role has turned into a 24-7 commitment.

Season 2017, Episode 3

4.0 5 x
To celebrate International Women's Day we meet a range of Australian women, driven by the events of their own lives, who are making a difference in their communities.

Season 2017, Episode 2 (Fatma Elzeim)

3.0 9 x
Fatma Elzeim founded the charity 'Mummies Paying it Forward' to help the homeless, refugees & families affected by domestic violence. The oncology nurse donates blood, cooks for the homeless & donates thousands of books.
Episodes 2017

Season 2017, Episode 2

3.0 12 x
Tracy Ellis, a black belt with a powerful message; Fatma Elzein, the nurse inspiring others; Tracey Ayton, the swim instructor fighting for special needs kids; Johanna Bell, storyteller helping communities find their voice.

Season 2017, Episode 1

3.0 19 x
The wildlife rescuer whose suburban home is more like a zoo; the marathon runner raising millions for premature babies; the young lawyer energising a remote town; the chef rescuing food and feeding those in need.