Wonders Of Life With Brian Cox

Full episodes

Season 1, Episode 5 (Home)

3.0 24 x
Professor Brian Cox considers what it is about our world that has made it a home and asks what ingredients are necessary to turn a tiny speck of rock in space into a living, vibrant planet. (Final)

Season 1, Episode 4 (Size Matters)

3.0 46 x
In Australia, Professor Brian Cox explores how size determines the nature of life. Gravity and electromagnetism impact types of life differently - determining shape, movement and longevity.

Season 1, Episode 3 (Endless Forms Most Beautiful)

3.0 53 x
Brian Cox visits the bio-diverse hot spots of Southern Africa and Madagascar to discover why our planet is so rich in its diversity. The answer lies with the wonder molecule carbon, a universal building block.

Season 1, Episode 2 (Expanding Universe)

3.0 44 x
During this episode Professor Brian Cox takes viewers on a unique retelling of our evolutionary history. How did our senses evolve and what are the physics by which they operate?

Season 1, Episode 1 (What Is Life?)

3.0 44 x
Professor Brian Cox explores natural history from a physics perspective, revealing how fundamental laws gave birth to life - the most complex, diverse and unique force in the universe.
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