World's Toughest Trucker

April 2017

Season 1, Episode 8

190 x
The remaining truckers race over some of the most deadly roads on the planet to deliver a consignment of clay pots to an isolated monastery in the heart of the Himalayas.
March 2017

Tue 28 Mar, season 1 episode 7

84 x
In their penultimate challenge, the six remaining truckers tackle the highways and byways of India, delivering potatoes along some of the most congested roads in the world.

Tue 21 Mar, season 1 episode 6

57 x
The truckers confront the most sparsely populated country on earth, where horses outnumber people. In Mongolia the 'roads' are nothing more than dirt tracks improvised by local truckers.

Tue 14 Mar, season 1 episode 5

82 x
The truckers are in the heart of Canada's logging country, hauling 40 ton loads of mighty timber along steep and narrow mountain trails.

Tue 7 Mar, season 1 episode 4

54 x
Six remain as they travel deeper into the Amazon, delivering river boats to a fishing community along brutal and unforgiving dirt tracks.
February 2017

Tue 28 Feb, season 1 episode 3

80 x
The third round begins in a new continent - South America. Only six men remain in the fight to win the title and $150,000.

Tue 21 Feb, season 1 episode 2

118 x
The eight truckers face an Outback Australian challenge, hauling sections of a medical centre, 500 miles across hostile desert to the remote Aboriginal community of Kiwirrkurra.

Tue 14 Feb, season 1 episode 1

278 x
Eight hardy truckers are about to tackle an unrelenting sequence of challenges that will drive them to despair.