World's Wildest Weather

January 2020

Episode 6 (Racing a Wildfire)

4.0 21 x
An unsuspecting tourist drives straight into the path of a raging bushfire; unrelenting floods cause thousands of people to flee their homes; lightning strikes a man in the head; a filmmaker comes to a family's aid during a hurricane.
December 2019

Episode 5 (Hellish Hailstorm)

4.0 54 x
Golf-ball-sized hail stones shatter a home, leading to $120,000 in damage; an amateur storm chaser saves victims in the wake of a destructive EF4 wedge tornado; a woman and her family evacuate their home by helicopter during floods.

Episode 3 (Monster Typhoon)

4.8 137 x
Severe weather events strike the U.K. over the Christmas period of 2015; fighting the monstrous fires that engulfed Kansas; a storm chaser saves the lives of others as they contend with one of the most intense tropical storms on record.