Za’atari: A Day In The Life

November 2013

A Day In The Life: Za’atari Ep15 - Six months on

3.0 38 x
“We have almost tripled the number of kids going to school, from before the summer until now.” Six months on from the last episode, winter is setting in and Za’atari has changed. More kids are in school and more families are in caravans, but there is still work to be done – especially for the youngest, most vulnerable refu...

A Day In The Life: Za’atari Ep14 - Boiling over

3.0 40 x
“Stop this nonsense. No demonstrations anymore!” Protests over electricity flare into riots. Some familiar faces block the entrance to UNHCR base camp and Kilian is at his wits’ end.

A Day In The Life: Za’atari Ep13 - A home, at last

3.0 28 x
“I do this job because I love to put smiles on people’s faces. I think that’s why.” Kilian has taken a day off and Za’atari is at boiling point over access to electricity. But in the old part of the camp, there is joy: grateful families finally get the keys to their caravans.

A Day In The Life: Za’atari Ep12 - The human touch

3.0 49 x
“Now you are in Jordan, and these gentlemen will take care of you.” The High Commissioner and Andrew head back to the border to meet Jordan’s newest refugees. Back at Za’atari Nida is faced with a tough situation.

A Day In The Life: Za’atari Ep11 - Just another day

3.0 45 x
“60,000 kids in this camp, so there should be 30,000 going to school every day.” It’s World Refugee Day and at Za’atari that means press conferences and VIPs are added to the usual agenda of vaccinations, diplomacy and heartbreak. And shouldn’t you be in school? Kilian gets to grips with Za’atari’s truancy problem.

A Day In The Life: Za’atari Ep10 - Out of the darkness

3.0 35 x
“The refugees are coming across.” Night falls at the border and the Syrian conflict comes dangerously close. Kilian, Andrew and the team are on the front line, waiting to welcome the camp’s newest residents as they emerge from the darkness.

A Day In The Life: Za’atari Ep9 - Preparation is everything

3.0 33 x
“It’s a very combustible mix.” Za’atari is abuzz. Kilian races through last-minute prep (and a visit to the camp’s barber shop) before the dignitaries and special guests arrive, and Andrew worries about the most important guests of all - the thousand-plus Syrian refugees just on the other side of the border, waiting to cro...

A Day In The Life: Za’atari Ep8 - Coping mechanisms

3.0 29 x
“What do the children know about what’s going on in Syria? They’re just trying to survive.” Andrew reveals the refugees’ harrowing route from Syria into Jordan. Cracks show in Kilian’s defenses as he walks out of a child’s hospital appointment.

A Day In The Life: Za’atari Ep7 - The trouble with kids

3.0 40 x
“Where on earth have you seen children stealing a police station?” Kilian opens the books on the Za’atari’s mischief problems, handily illustrated by a missing police station. Up at the border, Andrew has a difficult moment.

A Day In The Life: Za’atari Ep6 - Complications

3.0 67 x
“I will stay here until the last Syrian person goes back to Syria.” Dr. Ibrahim is in surgery and Kilian is meeting with camp leaders to seek an end to the vandalism, stone-throwing and mischief. Like so much at Za’atari, neither experience goes exactly as planned.