Zoo Tales


Season 4, episode 9

3.0 6 x
The birth of a baby elephant puts both the mum and baby in danger.

Season 4, episode 8

4.0 6 x
Keepers are thrilled when Binjai the Sumatran Tiger’s 4 cubs are born but just a few weeks later vets have to call in an Animal Neurologist. Two of the cubs are having problems.

Season 4, episode 7

4.0 6 x
Tony the much loved Giraffe is suffering from arthritis, and is in constant pain. The keepers decide to try something else new - Giraffe acupuncture.

Season 4, episode 6

3.0 7 x
Two powerful Owls have been bought in to the Vet Hospital at Taronga and have been paired together, with the hope of being released.

Season 4, episode 5

4.0 9 x
Hsing Hsing, Perth Zoo’s 33 year old Orang-utan has a sore eye. A specialist in the human eye is called in to see what the problem is and the prognosis isn’t good.
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