ZOS: Zone Of Separation

ZOS: Zone Of Separation catch up

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 8 - Hour Eight: Courage

4.0 13 x
Sean spirits Anna and her Mother to safety as news of the warlord’s death hits the streets of Jadac where the Imam is captured by mercenaries.

Season 1, Episode 7 - Hour Seven: The Laws

3.0 11 x
Now both in custody at the U.N. base, Dragan and Simon debate the morality of war, murder, ethnic cleansing, and justice as Sean works to free Simon and Mila is blackmailed into helping Dragan.

Season 1, Episode 6 - Hour Six: Bred in the Bone

3.0 21 x
Sean struggles to stay afloat as Simon is questioned for Vilko’s murder and Mick breaks all U.N.M.O. rules in order to trap Dragan.

Season 1, Episode 5 - Hour Five: Shallow Graves

4.0 8 x
The discovery of a possible mass grave turns the world of the peacekeepers upside down.

Season 1, Episode 4 - Hour Four: Waiting for the Imam

3.0 8 x
Jadac seems a changed town with the Imam holding court. His presence draws out the devout and the Christians feel threatened by the revived Mosque. All won’t remain calm for long.

Season 1, Episode 3 - Hour Three: Call to Prayer

4.0 6 x
The Muslim militia re-arms and a drunken act of violence sends Christians and Muslims to battle as a new Imam arrives in Jadac.

Season 1, Episode 2 - Hour Two: Remember to Forget

4.0 19 x
Lives are jeopardized when U.N. issued weapons are found on civilians and the tortured remains of a U.N. Peacekeeper and a Christian couple are discovered at a farmhouse belonging to Mila Michailov.

Season 1, Episode 1 - Hour One: Welcome

4.0 21 x
In the Balkan town of Jadac’s new Military Commander Capt. Hart tries to broker a deal between the Muslims and Christians in this zone of separation.