Ana Pumpkin

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Season 1
Ana recounts her visit to the circus school and tries to teach Buddy acrobatic acts.
After seeing a dog competition on TV, Ana helps Buddy become a champion show dog.
While Melina takes a nap on the beach, Ana and Buddy build a sandcastle to protect grandma's feet from the rising tide.
Ana discovers a small pair of skis in the garden shed and wants to try them, despite being told no.
Lucie's little brother is born and Ana and Buddy wonder what life would be like with a baby at home.
It's evening, Ana is in bed, Helen and Rick want to watch a movie, but the temptation is too great for Ana and Buddy to secretly stay up and watch too.
Ana takes her first plane trip and has decided that she would later be a pilot.
The holidays are starting tomorrow and Ana and Buddy build a car to take them wherever they want to go.
It's snowing, Ana worries that Buddy is going to get cold.
Helen isn't very well and does not leave her bed. Ana would like to make her a jam but can't cook it on her own, she must find a way to make a special jam to help her mum feel better.
Madine explains the magic of fireflies and Ana and Buddy can't wait to find them.
Ana and Buddy discover a strange animal in the garden shed.
Ana and Buddy change places and pretend to be the other.
On holiday at Melina's, Ana doesn't want to do the exercises her grandmother has planned.
Ana the fairy tells Buddy that she really has magical powers.
On their way to the forrest for a family walk, Ana's parents are held up. While they wait, Ana and Buddy imitate the animals they hope to see.
Ana would like Buddy to go with her to school, but dogs aren't allowed to go. So she decides to make a school in her room.
Ana, Buddy and Rick work in the garden while the neighbors have a water fight. When Rick won't let them have one too, Ana comes up with a plan to make it happen.
Ana's friends are all riding their bikes without training wheels and Ana doesn't want them to think she's a baby when she can't. She comes up with a plan to trick them into thinking she can do it too.
On holiday at Melina's, Ana and Buddy bring home a crab despite Melina's wishes. Ana and Buddy try and keep the crab a secret.