Home and Away

August 2018

Episode 251

3.0 4 x
Is Willow's secret about to be brought into the limelight? Brody feels suffocated living in the hectic Astoni household. Tori deliberates whether to pursue IVF.

Episode 250

4.0 9 x
Ty makes a decision. Unaware of Tori's IVF plans, Mason reveals Dempsey's pregnant. A heartbroken Hunter takes control of his relationship with Christina.

Episode 249

3.0 13 x
Hunter and Christina's affair reaches an explosive crossroad. An old flame turns Mason's world upside-down. John and Marilyn protect Ty as his relationship with Jodi grows.

Episode 248

4.0 9 x
A very special episode for Olivia. Hunter and Christina's relationship intensifies against Leah's advice. Jasmine encourages Robbo to open up to the community.

Episode Home And Away Ep: 14

4.3 57 x
Marilyn meets Ty's mother Jodi with unexpected circumstances. Tori decides to take the next step in her decision to have a baby. Maggie is home from hospital.

Episode 243

4.0 45 x
Marilyn and John clash over what is best for Ty. After a pregnancy scare, Tori wonders when will it be her time to start a family. A traumatised Jasmine reaches out to Robbo for support.

Episode 242

4.5 45 x
Ziggy busts Dean using a stolen credit card and Brody puts his foot down. Tori suspects she's pregnant. Maggie and Ben finally receive the news they've been hoping for, with mixed emotions.
July 2018

Episode 241

4.0 31 x
Coco is excited about her date as Ryder gets "The Talk". Ziggy avoids Brody's talks about planning for their future. Willow's guilt weighs heavily on her.

Episode 240

3.0 37 x
Robbo comes to the rescue. But is he too late to save Colby? Leah disapproves of Hunter and Christina's budding relationship. Justin makes a shocking confession to Willow.

Episode 239

3.0 56 x
Will Colby walk headfirst into Ebony's trap? Hunter and Christina cross a line. The Palmers wait on tenterhooks for Ty to make a big decision.

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Home and Away, often referred to as H&A as well, is a long-running Australian soap opera written for television. The show is set in the fictional seaside town of Summer Bay in New South Wales, where Tom and Pippa Fletcher run a caravan park together with their six foster children. Home and Away premiered in 1988 and has since then become the second-longest drama series on Australian TV, exceeded only by the immensely popular show Neighbours.

Home and Away made its broadcasting debut on the Seven Network in January of 1988, with a ninety-minute pilot episode that later got known as Home and Away: The Movie as well. The concept for the show was conceived when creator Alan Bateman (The Flying Doctors, Family & Friends, Great Performances), on one of his trips through Australia, came across a community in which a new foster home was going to be build, something the then-current residents were not at all happy with.

Home and Away is well-known for creating story lines around both everyday topics, like foster children and teenage problems, and more controversial themes, like abortion, addiction and domestic violence. The show has been exported to more than eighty countries, turning it into one of Australia's most successful media products of all time.

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