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Friday 02 Dec 22:00

Friday 02 Dec

4.0 51 x
Revelations rock Lauren and Brad's wedding reception, two Ramsay St residents get an unexpected shock, and Toadie is haunted by a face from his past.
Thursday 01 Dec 22:00

Thursday 01 Dec

4.5 62 x
A secret from Elly's past makes her consider leaving Erinsborough. Sparks fly between Lou and Kathy. Brad and Lauren finally tie the knot.
Wednesday 30 Nov 21:00

Wednesday 30 Nov

1.5 57 x
Will Elly keep quiet about her kiss with Angus? Lauren and Brad's family start arriving for their wedding.
Tuesday 29 Nov 21:00

Tuesday 29 Nov

4.0 33 x
When Sheila and Gary learn the extent of Brooke's deception they are hurt and disillusioned. With Brooke in serious financial trouble, the Canning family come together to find a solution to the mess that has been created.
Monday 28 Nov 22:00

Monday 28 Nov

4.0 70 x
Brooke’s past comes back to haunt her when Trey arrives in Erinsborough. Backed into a corner, Brooke is forced to tell Xanthe the truth about her dire situation.
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