Midsomer Murders

Season 15

Season 15, Episode 1 - The Dark Rider

3.0 15 x
The appearance of a headless horseman at Quitewell Hall foreshadows a number of deaths amongst the aristocratic DeQuettevilles family. But what is the truth about the DeQuettevilles - and the ghostly rider?
Season 19

Season 19, Episode 6 - The Curse Of The Ninth

4.5 29 x
When the winner of a music award is brutally murdered and a priceless violin stolen, Barnaby and Winter's investigations lead them deep into a world haunted by a potentially deadly curse. (Final)

Season 19, Episode 4 - Red In Tooth And Claw

4.0 48 x
When DCI Barnaby and DS Winter discover a dead body covered in live rabbits it reveals a sinister side to the local pet show. Is this a rivalry taken too far or is the killer driven by something darker?

Season 19, Episode 3 - Last Man Out

4.5 13 x
Tensions run high in Lower Pampling as a new type of cricket threatens a century of tradition. When a star cricketer dies during a tournament, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter's investigation draws them into a dangerous game.
Season 22

Season 22, Episode 4 - The Scarecrow Murders

4.2 5,813 x
Midsomer's Scarecrow Festival turns grisly as bodies begin appearing on poles displayed alongside their straw creations. The investigation reveals rivalries that run deep and shows people will do just about anything to win.

Season 22, Episode 3 - Happy Families

4.4 9,180 x
As the owners of Karras Games gather for a murder mystery weekend, the immersive experience takes a puzzling twist when a killer strikes for real.

Season 22, Episode 2 - The Stitcher Society

4.0 144 x
A local outcast, who was controversially acquitted of murder years previously, is the latest inductee into a post-operative heart rehab club. Following his arrival, dreams of a second chance at life begin being cut short.

Season 22, Episode 1 - The Wolf Hunter Of Little Worthy

4.0 243 x
After a local photographer wins an competition with his creation of The Wolf Hunter, it unexpectedly gains a cult following. However, when a man is killed, Barnaby must investigate if this myth has become murderous reality.
Season 20

Season 20, Episode 4 - The Lions Of Causton

4.2 143 x
Barnaby gets to relive his former days of sporting glory when a death at the local Rugby Club sends Barnaby and Winter into a muddle of rucks, old grudges, new romances... and artisanal chocolates?
Season 16

Season 16, Episode 2 (Let Us Prey)

4.5 181 x
A series of murders in Midsomer St Claire seem to be inspired by macabre images on a medieval fresco recently discovered in the church crypt. But who is responsible and why?