Midsomer Murders


Episode 8 (Midsomer Rhapsody)

3.0 10 x
Inspector Barnaby investigates a web of family feuds when a retired music teacher is found battered to death.

Episode 7 (Sauce for the Goose)

3.0 39 x
Barnaby is called to investigate when a body is found in a relish factory.

Season 18, Episode 2 (The Incident At Cooper Hill)

4.0 52 x
When a local forest ranger suffers a strange death the visiting UFO spotters are convinced aliens are responsible. DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson unearth suspicions, betrayals and long-buried secrets in their search for the truth.

Episode 4 (Banting Boy)

4.0 38 x
Barnaby and Scott investigate the death of a horse trainer.

Episode 3 (Orchis Fatalis)

4.0 29 x
When one of the world's rarest orchids is smuggled illegally into Midsomer Malham, it triggers a catalogue of passion, jealousy and death.

Episode 2 (Dead in the Water)

3.0 52 x
The annual Midsomer Regatta comes to a standstill when a body is found in the river.

Episode 1 (Things That Go Bump in the Night)

4.0 107 x
Barnaby and Scott travel to a picturesque village to investigate the murder of an undertaker.

Episode 7 (Ghosts of Christmas Past)

4.0 80 x
Nine years after Ferdy Villers killed himself, his family reunites for Christmas, unaware that someone is out for revenge.

Episode 6 (The Straw Woman)

4.0 69 x
Midsomer comes closer and closer to its boiling point when a priest is burned to death inside the effigy of a straw woman and more people burst into flames spontaneously as though by witchcraft.

Season 17, Episode 4 (A Vintage Murder)

3.0 88 x
The fizz goes out of a sparkling wine launch when the glasses are laced with slug poison. Who is targeting the Midsomer Vinae Winery and what does the attack have to do with the death of a child in a hit-and-run accident?