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Is a second chance a blessing or a curse? Insight host Kumi Taguchi explores what happens when we’re given or give another chance- in life, career, love or a new homeland, or after making a mistake. Guests include Olympic medallist, Geoff Huegill and Australia’s first MasterChef...

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Season 2024
The Baby Boomer generation is the richest in history. Their spending is reshaping industries like tourism, property, and health. But the cashed-up stereotype isn’t the case for all Boomers. Insight explores how Boomers are spending, and what will happen when all that wealth is handed down to the next generations.
Hallucinations, bright lights, out of body experiences, and visits from dead relatives – just some of the puzzling phenomena reported by guests, who share their close brush with death. What can science tell us about near-death experiences, and how do they change our relationship to life?
Divorce rates are going down overall, but the over 50s are bucking that trend. Why are more older couples calling it quits and what are the impacts?
Secrets and Lies - is the truth always best?
New Frontier. Old War. Will prohibition work this time?
Why do some police investigations become a press frenzy? What happens when a court case plays out like a television drama? In this episode of Insight- a convicted murderer seeking to clear his name, a man once suspected of being a serial killer and a former detective who cracked one of Australia's most baffling mysteries s...
When people are in trouble, who steps in to rescue them and at what cost?
Is the push for diversity broadening our horizons or stifling us?
How do we judge how old is too old? And who gets to decide?
A wedding Grinch, a groom whose mother was spear-tackled, a runaway bride, and made-to-order breasts for a bride who was “healed” by her dream wedding day. On this episode of Insight – amidst joy, tears, regret, and true love – we examine why weddings are still popular today, despite less social pressure to marry. And why...
A young Christian man gives up his friends, his studies, and his love of football after joining a cult recruiting on university campuses. A mother fears her daughter has joined a cult, while another mum says her life was destroyed through a cult-like MLM. Insight’s Kumi Taguchi looks at how modern-day cults are different, ...
Australia’s biggest Kylie Minogue fan meets a woman whose marriage ended because her husband was obsessed with Liza Minneli. Host Kumi Taguchi also hears from a woman who stalked Justin Bieber as well as super fans of sports teams and TV shows. Why do people become super fans and what happens when it goes too far?
Can relationships of convenience truly last? Kumi Taguchi meets two single mums who combined their households to co-parent together, a migrant who married an Australian man for a better life, and a woman who found her sperm donor online. Insight also hears from a self-described “sugar daddy” and a private escort to learn a...
A police sniper from the Lindt Cafe Siege explains the overwhelming guilt he felt for the deaths of two hostages, while a woman admits feeling guilty for having an affair with a married man, breaking up his marriage. Host Kumi Taguchi explores why guilt can have such a powerful hold on us, and also why it can be a positive...
Samia was a carefree 19-year-old when an older, charismatic stranger asked her to sail the world with him. Samia tells host Kumi Taguchi how her decision, and the real identity of the man who seduced her, would change her life forever. Insight hears from guests who've made fateful decisions - for better or worse.
Baby Boomers are much maligned, but what Millennials mightn't know is how much their parents' generation pushed boundaries for social change. Insight meets single mothers who kept their babies despite pressure to abort or adopt, one of the first Matildas who played in the national soccer team before it even had a name and ...
Australia's birth rate is plummeting with more of us choosing to have one child, or none. Insight host Kumi Taguchi speaks to singles, couples and fertility and population experts to find out what's behind the baby drought, and what will society look like in forty years as a result?
Season 2023
Is Nimbyism protecting our communities or holding us back and locking others out? Hosted by Kumi Taguchi.
Australians are discussing the Voice, leaving out the pollies and talking to family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. What are they saying to convince others to their side? Hosted by Karla Grant.