March 2019

Season 2019 Episode 4 - Vitamins & Supplements

3.0 4 x
More and more of us are turning to vitamins and dietary supplements to treat specific ailments, or boost overall health and wellness. The industry has doubled over the last 10 years – we’re now spending more money on complementary medicines than we do on prescription ones, an estimated $4.9bn each yeah. But while some medi...

Season 2019 Episode 3 - Kids' Sports Injuries

4.0 7 x
This episode looks at why more kids are getting sports injuries and what can be done to prevent them. . Supervising Producer: Alix Piatek Producer: Raveen Hunjan Associate Producer: Maddy King Associate Producer: Maria Nguyen-Emmett Cadet: Douglas Smith
February 2019

Season 2019 Episode 2 - A Stranger Saved My Life

3.0 5 x
There’s a unique and lifelong bond between a person whose life was saved by a stranger, and the stranger who, through chance, compassion or extraordinary generosity, has saved them. What happens when a stranger saves your life?

Season 2019 Episode 1 - The Pill Gamble

4.0 3 x
Jenny Brockie takes a look at how pill testing could change attitudes towards recreational drug use.
November 2018

Season 2018 Episode 39 - Endometriosis

4.0 21 x
What is endometriosis, and why do we still know so little about it?

Season 2018 Episode 38 - Gifted

4.0 40 x
This Insight, hears from gifted children, their parents and teachers about how you identify a gifted child, and what the best approach is in the classroom and beyond, so they can reach their potential.

Season 2018 Episode 37 - Beating Anxiety

3.5 19 x
Season 2018 Episode 37 - Beating Anxiety of Insight was broadcast by SBS ONE on Tuesday 6 November 2018 at 9:30.
October 2018

Season 2018 Episode 36 - Children Of Prisoners

4.0 26 x
In this rare discussion, Insight puts the children of Australia’s inmates front and centre to share what it is like for young people when their parents are incarcerated.

Season 2018 Episode 35 - DNA Surprises

4.0 14 x
What happens when you get more than you bargained for from a DNA test?

Season 2018 Episode 34 - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

3.0 43 x
How do you know if you have chronic fatigue syndrome and how do you manage it?