May 2020

Veterinary Care

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Vets are almost four times more likely to take their own lives than the general public. So, what’s really going on behind the closed doors of your local vet clinic? In the wake of two coronial inquests, veterinarians reveal why their job is pushing them to the brink.

Sleep Hacks

4.0 2 x
Does cheese give you nightmares? Should you try valerian? And what about sleeping pills? Around 3 million Australians suffer from insomnia, so what’s proven to help? Dr Michael Mosley joins Insight to share evidence-based ways to hack your sleep for a better night’s rest.


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What's it like to live in a confined space for a long time? From Antarctica, to a tiny boat on the open seas, or the four walls of a bedroom; Insight finds out what happens in long-term confinement, and how people get through it.

The Dental Gap

3.0 3 x
Jenny Brockie looks at why so many Australians are struggling with poor dental health. What effect does bad teeth have on your life?
April 2020

Cooped Up Families

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Ninety per cent of the world’s students are in lockdown with education moving online. There are concerns this period will further widen the education divide in Australia. Insight talks to cooped up families about how they are managing home-schooling and finds out what it will mean for the future.

Impossible Choices

3.0 6 x
A hostage negotiator with 30 lives at stake. Parents struggling to make “a deal with the devil”. A police officer, sexually abused by a beloved relative. And families faced with life-changing medical decisions. We hear from people who’ve found themselves in impossible situations, facing agonising choices you’ll never want ...

Conquering Chronic Pain

4.0 7 x
One in five Australians lives with chronic pain, and for a third of them the pain is severely disabling, affecting all aspects of their lives. Jenny Brockies chats to those affected, and how they are dealing with their pain.

Age Gap Relationships

3.0 12 x
Around eight per cent of heterosexual couples have an age gap of more than 10 years. Often they deal with social disapproval and also negative family reactions. In this episode Insight talks to couples, some with age gaps of more than 30 years, about how they navigate the age difference.
March 2020

Covid-19 Around The World

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Coronavirus is a global threat unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime. As we all come to terms with the pandemic, Insight asks: How are people around the world coping? And what can Australian learn from other countries responses?

Volunteer Firies

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Volunteer firefighters around Australia dropped everything to fight on the frontline of the most ferocious and terrifying bushfires Australia has ever seen. Insight brings together volunteer firies from around Australia to find out what toll that has taken and how they are settling back to normality.