June 2022

Dealing With Debt

3.0 8 x
Australia has the second-highest household debt in the world, with the average person now owing twice as much as they earn. Insight takes a look at what's behind our debt culture and what rising interest rates mean for the future. Producer: Jodie Noyce Associate Producer: Sam Dover, Francesca De Nuccio

Season 2022, Episode 19 - Risk and Reward

4.0 12 x
Risk is something most people live with daily. But how risky is life for those who choose pursuits like base jumping, freediving or working in warzones? Insight asks if some risks are worth the reward.


4.7 21 x
Falling prey to a con artist can be a humiliating and often expensive exercise. Many cons end in costly court cases, even imprisonment, and that's just for the victims. The perpetrators often appear to be charismatic and charming, but they’re far more likely to be narcissistic risk-takers who revel in power and control. Th...
May 2022

Meeting Family Later In Life

3.0 24 x
For adoptees and people who are donor conceived, meeting your biological family can be one of the biggest moments in your life. But these reunions can be challenging and not all result in lasting relationships. This week’s Insight looks at the complexities of meeting your family later in life. Producer: Jodie Noyce Associa...


4.0 24 x
Australians are dying richer and leaving larger inheritances. Research shows the Baby Boomer generation will pass on an estimated $224 billion each year in inheritances by 2050 as record housing and superannuation wealth is transferred to fewer heirs than in the past. Leaving or receiving an inheritance can lead to family ...

Homeless in Lismore

4.5 14 x
Gary got a mortgage on his Lismore home after a stint of homelessness, which he considered a huge achievement. In February this year, floodwaters reached up to his ceiling, forcing him back towards homelessness.

Holding A Grudge

4.5 112 x
Should we always forgive and forget? According to a recent survey, almost three quarters of Australians are holding onto a grudge. Insight explores what these grudges are – from the petty to the hefty – and asks: can they sometimes be good for us or is it always healthier to let go? Producer: Jordan Osborne Associate Produ...

Illicit Medicine

4.5 44 x
Psychedelic drugs have a long history in medicine and popular culture, and they’re now being researched as possible treatments for mental illnesses and other debilitating conditions. But are psychedelics ready to go from underground to mainstream medicine? And what lessons can we learn from the strict regulation of medicin...

Reputation Rebuild

4.5 63 x
Reputation matters. As social beings we’re hardwired to care what others think. Good reputation takes time to build but can be destroyed by just one misstep or allegation. For many, the online world turns reputational damage into inescapable trauma. Insight asks when reputation takes a hit, can it be restored? Producer: Al...
April 2022

Home Invasions

3.0 27 x
What would you do if someone broke into your home? How far would you go to protect your family? Insight talks to people who’ve killed or used force to stop an intruder and looks at which states have the best laws and where you’re more likely to be charged. Producer: Jodie Noyce Associate Producer; Nicolas Zoumboulis