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Season 2022

Season 2022, Episode 34 - Indigenous Identity

3.0 78 x
Why are more people identifying as First Nations, who decides and what's at stake?

Season 2022, Episode 33 - Keeping The Faith

4.5 151 x
The fight for Australia's soul, with so many people leaving religion, who's keeping the faith? Presented by Kumi Taguchi.

Season 2022, Episode 32 - Outliving Your Cancer Prognosis

4.0 53 x
What's life like when you outlive your cancer prognosis and why can doctors sometimes get it wrong? Presented by Kumi Taguchi.

Living With Addiction

3.0 50 x
Drug and alcohol deaths in Australia are at their highest in decades. Insight investigates why, and what can be done. Presented by Kumi Taguchi.

Integrating Natural Medicines

3.0 23 x
Should natural medicines be accepted into the mainstream, and can the two co-exist? Presented by Kumi Taguchi.
Season 2022

Season 2022, Episode 28 - Multiple Marriages

4.5 64 x
With marriage rates declining and divorce common place, why do some of us keeping saying 'I do' over and over again? Presented by Kumi Taguchi.

The Gender Spectrum

3.0 42 x
A growing number of people are moving beyond the idea that we live in a world where gender comes in only two forms. So what makes you identify as he, she, they or something else on the gender spectrum?
Season 2022

Season 2022, Episode 26 - Intimate Terrorism (Rpt)

3.0 55 x
What is coercive control and should it be criminalised? Presented by Kumi Taguchi.

Season 2022, Episode 25 - Afghanistan

3.0 22 x
One year after Kabul fell, we reflect on the price and reward of Australia's 20 year involvement. Presented by Kumi Taguchi.

S2022 Ep24

3.0 24 x
How much help should you get from our government when you're in trouble abroad?