October 2017

Season 2017 Episode 28 - The Late Shift

3.0 15 x
With both life expectancy and the retirement age increasing, Insight explores what it takes to stay in a changing workforce.

Season 2017 Episode 27 - Wine O'clock

3.0 39 x
Recent statistics from the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education show drinking is on the rise among mid-life women. Insight explores why women over 40 are drinking more.

Season 2017 Episode 26 - On Trial

3.0 20 x
Judges, barristers and court transcribers reveal what it's like to work in criminal law, from how they handle the sordid, lurid details to the complex, nefarious characters they come across.
September 2017

Season 2017 Episode 25 - Bouncing Back

4.0 18 x
Failure – we fret it, we shun it, and we question ourselves whenever it happens. This week on Insight: How do you rebound from failure?

Season 2017 Episode 24 - Unresolved

3.0 19 x
Australia has around 1,800 long-term missing people. For their families and loved ones, the ambiguity surrounding their fate can be a living nightmare. This week on Insight: living with the unknown when someone you love goes missing.

Season 2017 Episode 23 - The Health Obsession

4.0 19 x
What happens when trying to be healthy becomes unhealthy? This week on Insight, we hear from people whose healthy habits have strayed into the dangerous territory of disordered eating. At what point did they tip over into being unhealthy? And how have they dealt with it?
August 2017

Season 2017 Episode 22 - Women On The Edge

4.0 46 x
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data shows the number of women over 55 accessing support for homelessness is increasing at a faster rate than it is for men. This week on Insight, we reveal the true extent of a largely hidden issue: older women and homelessness.

Season 2017 Episode 21 - Coming Home

3.0 25 x
This week Gold Walkley award-winning journalist Jenny Brockie drives a discussion that asks: Are our soldiers equipped for everyday life?

Season 2017 Episode 20 - Consent

4.0 20 x
Please note this episode contains descriptions of alleged sexual assault. Consent has become a challenging area for schools, universities and parents. Insight asks; How do young people figure out what consent means?

Season 2017 Episode 19 - Teen Parents

4.0 29 x
This week Gold Walkley award-winning journalist Jenny Brockie drives a discussion that examines the topic of teen parents, and asks: How do teenage parents make it work?