November 2021

NITV Special: Indigenous Incarceration

4.0 5 x
Hosted by Karla Grant, NITV Special: Indigenous Incarceration aims to provide a clearer understanding around the complex issues surrounding the incarceration of Indigenous Australians by bringing together those who have spent time in prison and families whose loved ones have died in custody. They will be joined by a group ...

I Still Do 2021 Rpt

3.0 13 x
Could you stay with the same person for over 50 years? Insight’s Kumi Taguchi talks to couples who have been through some of the toughest challenges a relationship can face. Find out how they have lasted the distance through thick and thin.
October 2021

Lone Survivor

4.0 29 x
When you are the lone survivor of a tragedy, how does it shape your life and how do you move on?


3.0 105 x
The term ‘narcissist’ gets used a lot these days as a negative slur to label people on social media, reality TV and politics. And studies show narcissistic traits are on the rise with 10 per cent of us exhibiting traits like self-obsession or entitlement. But how prevalent is narcissism really? Producer: Alex Tarney Associ...

Emotional Eating

3.0 29 x
Indulging in our favourite foods is something many of us do to help soothe feelings of discomfort, such as stress, anxiety and even boredom. But how does ‘eating our emotions’ really affect our health and when does it become a problem? Producer: Maria Nguyen-Emmett Associate Producer: Jennifer Luu


4.0 27 x
What happens when anger becomes rage and how can we manage it? This week’s Insight episode “RAGE” explores if we are angrier than ever before and why some people can control their anger before it turns to rage, while others can’t stop themselves from losing it. Producer: Rebecca Baillie Associate producer: Connor Webster...
September 2021


4.0 45 x
In an increasingly sexualised world, life without sex can be a curious anomaly. But for some people, celibacy is a choice they’ve made, while others have been born with no sexual attraction. Insight talks to people who are celibate and finds out how it impacts their lives. Producer: Jodie Noyce Associate Producer: Anushr...

Odd One Out

4.5 43 x
What’s it like to be the odd one out? Insight hears from people who can’t help but stand out, and asks what the rest of us can learn from the black sheep of the world. Producer: Nicola McCaskill Associate Producers: Jordan Osborne, Louise Malik

Delaying Motherhood

2.5 29 x
More Aussie women are having babies later in life, but what are the consequences of waiting? Insight explores how women navigate relationships, careers and their fertility, and what happens when you decide to go it alone, or give up altogether. Producer: Lisa Ryan Associate Producer: Jennifer Luu

Season 2021, Episode 23 - Bouncing Back 2017 Rpt

3.0 32 x
Failure - we fret it, we shun it, and we question ourselves whenever it happens. This week on Insight, how do you rebound from failure?